Looking for a highly effective solution for business growth? We’re here to help. Ms Jones is a brand new administrative assistant service that caters to the unique needs of small to medium businesses. After realizing the need for a flexible administration system that was able to assist clients in the simplest way, Ms Jones was created to be used across various industries.

Our approach is simple. We service clients who work with multiple suppliers as well as those with just one or two suppliers. Single jobs or projects can easily be managed with clients receiving just one quote. If you find yourself frustrated with the current approach to invoicing, quotes, and various other admin tasks, Ms Jones is sure to help you take back control over admin. Better still, we are always on duty – 24-7 – so that your business growth never has to take to the sidelines.

Achieving Business Growth With an Administrative Assistant

How exactly can an administrative assistant such as Ms Jones help you achieve business growth? For starters, here are some of the features that we offer.

A comprehensive admin solution

Whatever you need, a simple cost estimate or something more complex, an admin assistant will help you get sorted. Thanks to their wide range of skills and their unique experience, admin assistants are able to provide a full range of tasks, all designed to help you grow your business.

A user-friendly approach

At Ms Jones, we work hard to keep our approach user-friendly. Rather than continually updating finance on the status of jobs before invoices can be sent, we make it possible to manage all of your orders and invoices from one place. Features such as our Work Ticket To Do List make things even easier, with real-time, searchable results that can be filtered easily.

A deeper insight into your business success

Admin is something that no business can afford to avoid – especially smaller businesses. Thanks to our admin services, you have the ability to gain deeper insight into what is working and what is not, with a dashboard that provides an overview of your business success, month on month. This ensures that you are always informed of your progress.

View our pricing page to get an idea of our current packages. You can also contact us with any questions you may have on how our admin solutions help you achieve business growth.