Ms Jones Features

Yep that’s right. Ms Jones is loaded with awesome features to make your life easier.

Stay informed when it matters…

Administration is inevitable, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Ms Jones gives you the ability to view your dashboard at any time for a snapshot of how your business is doing. Now you can stay informed when it matters.

Simple or complex, you’re covered...

Whether you need to generate a simple or complex cost estimate for your clients, Ms Jones has you covered - from a simple one line estimate to more complex projects involving multiple suppliers and services - all conveniently available on one quotation for the client.  

You won’t miss a thing...

Constantly needing to update finance as to job status before billing can be tedious.  With Ms Jones you can quickly visualize what orders are still outstanding and what invoices still need to be processed - and all in one place. Ms Jones’ Work Ticket To Do List is real-time, searchable and can be filtered by Client, Category or Status.

Blog posts

Admin is a Must to be Successful

Admin is a Must to be Successful

Why exactly is small business admin so important? Can you ever grow your business if you do not invest in admin? What do you do when admin is something you either seriously dislike or struggle to manage? Simply put, small business admin plays a vital role in your...

How Small Businesses Need To Manage Profitability

How Small Businesses Need To Manage Profitability

While businesses of all sizes need to know how to manage profitability, small businesses can be especially vulnerable to profit-loss if they do not take the right approach to admin and management. When you are starting a business, profit is often the thing you focus...

Here’s How We Help Your Business Grow

Here’s How We Help Your Business Grow

Looking for a highly effective solution for business growth? We're here to help. Ms Jones is a brand new administrative assistant service that caters to the unique needs of small to medium businesses. After realizing the need for a flexible administration system that...

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